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Hello, world. Welcome to our about us page.

We, the owners of cellphoneinventor.com are passionate about cell phone and smartphone technology.

We know that nobody can survive without a cell phone in the modern-day world. Cell phone is the part of life. It sleeps with us and wake up with us.

This simple website is designed to share our thoughts with cell phone lovers.

Our website gives ample information about the first cell phone, the man behind the invention of the cell phone and smartphone, the latest cell phone related news and technology.

The evolution of the cell phone starts from the old letter posting system.

The need to connect with friends and family far away increased the demand for some mode of communication to be invented which would carry messages instantaneously.

Communication through letter posting system is a time-consuming process.

It often took days, weeks or even months to reach the intended destination.

When the first cell phone call was made, it was a dream come true for millions of people all over the world. The technology was at its peak.

Today we enjoy the limitless possibilities of modern-day smartphones from our fingertip.

Nowadays, We can do a million things through our smartphone within a fraction of a second.

Are we done yet?

No. We will go further.

Our articles provide you with the latest mobile technology and the trending news in the smartphone world.

In the near future, we have a plan to launch our brand products page on this website. It will be your all in one portal for all kinds of cost-effective designer mobile phones and accessories.

We have a big community of like-minded people from all around the world in our facebook and twitter pages.

We are very thankful to the people, who are liking and sharing our content through social media.

You can visit our social media pages here on facebook and twitter.

Please come back again, because we will update our website with new trending topics every day.

Thank you for your visit. Have a nice day.

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