How To Send Text Messages Online With A Fake Number?

The evolution of the internet rose to many opportunities and services for its users. Nearly everything can be performed online: shopping, learning, entertainment, business, and communication. Indeed, the internet made communication go fast and achievable. A multitude of messaging apps and services generated virtual chats wherein people from different parts of the country, and the world, to talk and exchange information.

Sending messages through online means is now a normal part of our lives, along with numerous ways to do it. This leads to a very specific topic that we will discuss in this article: how can one send text messages online using a fake number?

There are messaging apps and sites that offer this kind of service. They can let you either use a new number or a fake one. You, however, need to act with caution and consideration because if you are sending anonymous SMS messages under a fake number just to blackmail, harass, bully, and other illegal means, you will face legal consequences.

how to send text message online with fake number

Before we proceed with such apps and sites, let us review how text messages work. When you send a SMS with your phone, the recipient will see both your message and number details. Phone contacts these days allow people to write the names associated with the number they save on their contact list. Unless you are a total stranger or merely using another person’s phone, the recipient will recognize the number and know it is from you.

If you do need to remain anonymous, below are the sites and apps that will help:

1. Spoof Text Messages

It is an online site where one can send anonymous messages as pranks using fake numbers. It protects your personal number and can send your messages quickly. You can also send them a set time and date. It can be accessed by creating an account, which is free.


2. Burner:

An iOS and Android app that lets you have a second number for texting and calling. It can be downloaded for free and has a 7-day free trial, though other numbers can be purchased. It is only available in Canada and the United States.


3. Hushed:

Another app that lets the user have a second number separated from their personal ones. It offers private messages but cannot support GIFs and video messages. Unlike Burner, it is available in about 40 countries.


4. Google Voice:

A free phone service by Google that lets people choose a free number for calls, text messages, and voicemails. To use it, you need to install the Google voice app with an active Google account.

5. Text Free:

A free service that gives the user a single U.S phone number for free texts and calls. It can be downloaded by the app and is also available by a web browser. It will expire, however, after a 30-day inactivity.

6. Flyp:

Website / App Store:

An app that enables users to have six different phone numbers on their smartphones. While the first number is free, the other five are purchased. Unlike other apps that provide temporary phone numbers, the ones in Flyp are permanent. It manages text messages, calls, voicemail, and other notifications of all six numbers. With this app, you can designate one phone number to a particular person.

7. Textem Now:


A site that also provides a hidden messaging service for free. They have basic terms and conditions to follow and are readily available in the US, Canada, etc. It is rather easy for us to: visit the homepage, scroll, and type in the message and send it to the person you have in mind.

sending an anonymous text message

With the app and sites mentioned above, they may maintain a strict policy with their services as they provide new phone numbers. They can have records of their users, and if illegal actions are happening with the use of their service, then they can turn in your record for investigation.

There are still others to send messages while maintaining your name hidden. You can buy a new SIM card, and after using it to send the message, you can simply discard it. Or borrow another’s phone, though the person who lent their number to your will still be able to tell your identity and get involved in the situation. Remember, use them as a form of sending valuable information, not as tools for harassment, blackmail, or scam. In that way, you and other people will remain safe and guilt-free. We hope, you got a clear understanding on sending an anonymous text message.

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