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Getting away from plastic is what we all strive for. A large number of products have already been modified to use sustainable, environment-friendly materials instead of plastic. However, most trendy phone cases are made of plastic. Today, you can find leather and bamboo cases available in the market as well.

One of the newest in the industry is the use of cork for phone cases and accessories. Let us learn more about this new type of phone case and see what options you have for your iPhone cases.

Cork iPhone Case – UPDATED 2020

Photo of cork iPhone case
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Cork is an entirely biodegradable and compostable material that can be used to make attractive-looking phone cases and other accessories. The natural iPhone case looks more appealing as compared to plastic and gives a warmer feel whenever you grab the phone. The phone case has a grip and texture so there are reduced chances of slipping.

The Cork iPhone case feels lighter and thinner in the pocket as compared to the heavy feel of the plastic cases. Cork is a natural material that improves in appearance with time and withstands heavy usage without any scratches or wear. It looks unique and eye-catching.

iPhone cases made out of cork have a natural finish that look classy and luxurious. The natural properties of the cork make it ideal for protecting electronic devices like iPhones. It feels soft, supple and smooth just like leather and is so much better for the environment as compared to other materials.

Cork Phone Case & Accessories – What You Should Know

Cork phone case - eco friendly

Cork is obtained from the outer layer of the tree without damaging or cutting the tree itself. Skilled harvesters strip off the cork between May and August. The tree forms the protective layer again once it is stripped. A good thing is that removing this layer is beneficial to the tree’s health and the environment because it can absorb carbon dioxide much better after the bark is harvested.

Cork is a completely natural and renewable material and its production does not involve any harm to the environment. It is also recyclable as any product can be broken down and used for making new things. Cork is water resistant and prevents the growth of moisture, mold and mildew. It is also resistant to fire even when exposed to higher temperatures.

Products made out of cork are strong and durable because of its shock absorbent, water repellent and anti-allergenic properties. It can be used to make a wide variety of products including cell phone cases and other accessories like card holders, passport holders and wallets.

Cork iPhone Case

A number of brands have started making cork iPhone cases to cater those who like something new and environment-friendly. These cases feel like suede and are durable like leather. The material maintains the look of the case for a long time as it is resilient and resistant to dirt and scratches. The cork iPhone case also floats because it resists water. So it is great for swimmers and sailors.

Using a cork iPhone case not only lets you upgrade your style but also take a step towards environment protection. This is because a harvest oak tree is left for nine years to regrow the stripped bark used in making cork products. The tree absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide during this time, thus cleaning the air. These cases are made using the most natural technologies and methods.

Cork iPhone 6 Case

Photo of a cork iPhone 6 case

An excellent blend of classic design and nature’s charm, cork is a beautiful material for iPhone cases. Cork iPhone 6 case is made using cutting edge technology to offer a smooth finish and classy design that suits any style. Most companies offer handmade cases made out of a single piece of engineered cork. These cases are then hand-sanded and rubbed to get a natural oil finish for a smooth grip.

Cork iPhone 6 case feels extra secure in hand with the grip this material gives it. This makes it ideal for your iPhone models prone to dropping and slipping. The natural properties of cork make this case waterproof, shockproof, lightweight and resistant to dirt, dust and falling. Being a natural heat insulator, a cork case will protect your iPhone 6 from overheating in high temperature conditions.

You can find a wide variety of cork iPhone cases in natural color as well as prints and designs. The iPhone 6 case comes in the right dimensions to secure the phone from the back and sides to protect it against scratches and damage.

Cork iPhone Wallet Case

Cork iPhone wallet case - photo

Cork has emerged as an important sustainable material in recent times because of its renewability and versatility. Being a recyclable, biodegradable, lightweight, waterproof, fire resistant and flexible material, cork is used for making accessories like iPhone wallet case and others. These accessories are not only eco-friendly but also unique.

Made out of 100% natural cork material, the iPhone wallet cases feature various designs and prints to make them more attractive. The case is constructed to fit the phone model perfectly and secure the device. These wallet cases are designed to be convenient and appealing. They ensure better safety for the device while giving you some space to carry your belongings like money and cards.

The iPhone wallet case made of cork comes with a cradle holder to accommodate the phone along with a camera opening so that the phone needs not to be removed for clicking pictures. The wallet case has compartments for holding credit cards and cash. These cases also come with detachable straps.

Cork iPhone cases are great for those who love the natural and luxurious finish of cork. These cases are strong and durable and protect the devices for years without wearing off. Being renewable and cruelty-free, they are a great way to make a contribution to environment protection.

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