How to Open a Sprint Phone using MSL Code?

Purchasing and owning a phone nowadays is more of a need than it was as a want. Methods of communication are expanding and have greatly benefitted from electronic and virtual means. Of course, in buying phones, you consider your wants in that phone: its design, price, storage capacity, speed, durability, tools, and other specifications.

Phones now are jacks-of-all-trades.

However, what truly matters is that you will purchase a tool that is primarily for communication.

how to open a sprint phone using msl code

As for phone brands, the competition is fierce. With customers taking favors and giving recommendations, as well as the quality of the phones they sell, it is inevitable that some brands will flourish will others will not.

The Phone brand Sprint is now discontinued as of August 2, 2020. Before, its company has merged with another phone brand called T-Mobile, though this merging means that T-Mobile will fully take over Sprint. As of its discontinuation, Sprint stores locations are closed as will be used for new T-Mobile stores. Its website will be redirected to T-Mobile, and Sprint plans have been phased out. As for those customers who purchased Sprint phones, no worries. Sprint phones can still be used as they can still stay on their current plans.

As of all phones, Sprint phones are locked to its network and will not access other phone networks. You can, however, unlock your device using an MSL code.

With unlocking a Sprint phone device, there are two kinds: SIM unlocking and MSL unlocking. With the option for SIM, smartphones that are manufactured after the year 2015 are then SIM-unlock capable. That means they are legible to unlock to access more network carriers. So, phones made before 2015 are pretty much an impossible case, and they are out of the subject of opening. However, even with that capability, these SIM unlock phones may not access such carriers at all.

The Master Subsidy Lock code, or MSL code for short, is one of the two six-digit codes implement in CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phones. The other is the SPC, or Service Programming Code, which is only used in activating phones onto a wireless service. The MSL code is used when a phone is needed to be reprogrammed. Though it is designed to phones difficult to use with a carrier other than its own, it is commonly used to unlock phones. MSL codes are created using the phone’s Electronic Serial Number. Each carrier uses a different algorithm. Therefore a Sprint phone MSL code is different from other phone brand’s MSL codes.

To open your Sprint phone with the help of an MSL code, here is what you can do:

How to get MSL Code

1. Contact Sprint: you can go and request a SIM\MSL unlock code at Sprint Customer Care at 888-211-4727 or visit the support page here. Since the phone is subsided in order to be sold at a lower price, referring it to another network overrules the subsidy rule as such carrier would have no reason to give the code unless the contract expires. Furthermore, Sprint have carrier locks that do not know anything to do with MSL codes, but if you insist on getting the code nonetheless, especially after the contract expires and the phone rightfully belongs to you now, then they might just give it to you.

Your Sprint phone needed to be legible to be unlocked. It has to be

  • Fully paid
  • Active with the Sprint’s network for at least 50 days.
  • Your account is active
  • Must not be stolen. This could be the reason why the phone needed to be unlocked in the first place, so provide the information that it is yours, and you truly needed to unlock it.

Sprint will then give you a bill notification or a text message if you are indeed legible to receive an MSL code within two business days. The bill notification will then direct you to Sprint Customer Care, which will finally provide you the MSL code. As successful, this may sound, however, even with all the efforts you go through, such as passing the requirements and waiting, it is Sprint’s decision to see whether your phone can be unlocked.

2. Download MSL Reader App: the simplest way to get an MSL for your Android phone, but it has risks: you need to have a rooted phone, which means your phone should have root access to your OS code. This is risky, and your warranty can be voided.

3. Go to CDMA Workshop: with this method, there are not many risks because root access and calling Sprint are not involved. Download the first [ROOT] aLogcat application. Then, key in ##3282# in your dialer to display the menu for EPST. From the menu, select the “View Mode”. Launch the aLogcat application and then scroll down till you see the entries “I/EpstBroadcastReciever”.

Finally, your MSL code can be found after the equals sign, in the line that reads “MSL Code=”.

Using your MSL Code

If you have received your MSL code, Sprint will now go out of the picture. In fact, by their policies and regulations, they cannot unlock phones from other carriers. You will go instead to your new carrier and have them unlock your phone according to their policies and practices, but even they cannot guarantee that your phone will be truly unlocked. Also, take care in choosing the one who will unlock your phone. They may be scammers who may not only unlock but steal your phone since unlocked phones are expensive in the market.

On a lesser note, one should know that MSL codes are no longer that useful in unlocking. While it is true that you can use it to make improvements to your phone and have a new networking access, MSL code does not have much use. It would do some adverse effects instead. Nonetheless, as the owner, do truly commit to obtaining an MSL code to open your Sprint device. While unlocked phones are expensive and you can probably save money from using your old phone, it might collapse from risk. Or there is nothing you can change about it. So, think wisely.

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