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Vodafone UK

Vodafone Digital coverage now covers 99% of the UK population offering customers the most up to date technology and helping to ensure superior call quality and service. We are currently spending around £10 million a week on developing the effectiveness of the network infrastructure, as well as implementing sites for the future use of technologies such as GARS and TUMS.

UK Coverage And Security

The Vodafone digital network is reassuringly secure, offering customers security against fraud. Enhanced security is assured through the use of encryption of voice conversations to prevent eavesdropping. The Digital network also gives you access from your mobile phone to Vodafone's portfolio of data, messaging, and fax services.

Extensive 6-month testing revealed that, at the end of March 2000, our Call Completion Success rate was a staggering 97% - amazing when you think that nearly 1 in 6 people in Britain are now using the Vodafone network.

If you would like to check the UK coverage in your postcode area, click the link below which will open a new browser window to the Vodafone Coverage Post Code Checker:

Vodafone Post Code Checker

Vodafone International Roaming

Roaming is the ability to make and receive calls whilst abroad. Vodafone currently has Roaming Agreements with over 241 networks in more than 109 countries.

Before you go abroad, to make and receive calls outside the UK on your mobile phone, an International Call Bar may need to be lifted. Check with your Service Provider before setting off overseas.

Note: International Roaming is subject to status. This service requires activating your account by your Service Provider.

Roaming Charges

Charging for a Roaming call starts when the called roaming handset is answered. From the moment the call is answered the caller pays their standard network charge to the mobile on its home network regardless of where the called phone is. The called roaming phone is charged for the International delivery leg of the call.

Which Handsets Can I Use Abroad?

Using a standard GEM 900 MHz handset, Vodafone customers can roam on foreign networks with which Vodafone has roaming agreements.

You can increase the number of networks available for roaming with a dual-band or tree-band handset.

Handsets are currently available in the following combinations:

900 MHz (standard UK GEM handset)

900/1800 MHz (dual-band handsets)

900/1800/1900 MHz (three-band handsets)

USA & Canada

TREE-BAND MOBILE PHONE : Looking for a mobile phone that you can use not only across Europe but also in the USA and Canada? With Teri-band technology you have that freedom, with the ability to use both the European GEM system and standard American GEM networks from a single mobile. So you no longer need to hire a handset every time you cross the Atlantic. And Tri-band mobile phones also allow text messaging, as well as fax/data communications on selected networks. Call your service provider for further information.

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