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The roadrunner email settings iPhone for the iPads and iPhones are designed to be configured according to IMAP. You can also choose to use POP3, but IMAP is the most preferred and recommended for various reasons;

Roadrunner email settings for iphone

Using POP3 across multiple devices can lead to synchronization errors when trying to receive, send, or access email.
This same problem can be experienced when using PIOP3 an IMAP simultaneously.
It is, therefore, good to use IMAP exclusively.
The common error message that comes up says something like: the mail server denied access to your account because another mail client was using it.

The Procedure Of Setting Up Roadrunner Email On iPhone

Select Settings on your iPhone.

Choose email, contact, and calendars.

You choose “Add Account” or opt to use an existing runner ID if it has previously been created.

Click on others.

Select add Mail Account and fill the information below;

Name: Enter your name

Enter your email address.

Enter your password.

Description: This entails the name that will appear in your account on the iPhone.

Press NEXT to proceed.

Choose POP and fill out the outgoing mail server or incoming mail server.

Incoming Mail Server Host =

User Name =

Password = your password

Outgoing Mail Server Host =

User Name = Your

Password = Your password

Select/Press Save.

Setting Up A Roadrunner For Incoming Mail Server On iPhone.

1. Select settings on the menu

2. Scroll down and select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

3. Click on ‘Add account’ and select Other.

4. Click on Add Mail Account and enter the following :

Name: Enter your name

Email: Enter your email address for the Road Runner

Password: Enter your email password

Description: enter your selected description

e.g., ‘Road Runner.'

screenshot from iphone

5. Choose pop3 under incoming mail server and enter the following information:

Hostname: Enter “'

(This is because the pop server is used for storing the incoming or received mails. They are thereafter retrieved by pop 3 protocol.)

Username: Enter your email address

Password: your email password.

email settings screenshot

6. Click on save and select your email address on the next screen.

Mail Settings Road Runner

POP / IMAP   pop3

Incoming server

Incoming port   110

SSL (security) incoming   none

Outgoing server

Outgoing port   25

Requires sign-in   yes

You are setting up a roadrunner for outgoing mail server on an iPhone.

1. Select settings on the menu.

2. Scroll down and select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

3. Click on ‘Add account’ and select Other.

4. Click on Add Mail Account and enter the following :

Name: Enter your name

Email: Enter your email address for the Road Runner

Password: Enter your email password

Description: enter your selected description.

5. Scroll down to outgoing mail server and enter the following information:


(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used in the transfer or sending of emails. Therefore, that is what SMTP represents in the hostname.)

Username: Enter Road Runner email

Password: your email password.

6. Configure the following parameters to ensure everything is set as expected;

Sever: It should be set "ON."

Hostname: This is your outgoing mail server’s name.

User name: the email address set.

Password: your password.

Use SSL: It should be off – unless you have enabled an SSL mode on your SMTP server.

Authentication: Click on it and choose “Password”; Type your password

Server Port: the default port is 25, but in case it is blocked, you can set another one.

Hostname In Roadrunner

The hostname is a label put on or assigned to an electronic device that is connected to the network. It is used to identify the device across various forms of electronic communications.

Roadrunner Not Working on iPhone

Roadrunner is webmail designed per the customer requirements presently. It gives uninterrupted service to customers, and as a result of this, it is highly admired by most users.
The users are able to get the best email application due to its multiple features.

Below is the procedure of fixing a ‘Roadrunner Not Working’ on an iPhone problem:

The problem mostly occurs as a result of incorrect mail server settings, and you will, therefore, not be able to send mails.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone device.

2. Click on the “Mail”.

3. Select on the “Account”.

4. Click on the Email Server Setting, from the same click on the POP and enter on the incoming email server field.

5. Then type your email address, password, and port number as 110.

6. In the case of an outgoing mail server, keep the port number as 587.

For IMAP type in the incoming mail server field, then type your email address and password, maintain 143 as the port number.
For outgoing mail server type and use 587 as the port number. Keep the SSL in ON mode in both incoming and outgoing mail server settings.
Click on Save after keying in the email and password.

The above procedure will help you be able to solve your problem, but in case the problem is not identified and solved, the best option will be to reset the iPhone and configure the Roadrunner again.

If there is a problem in sending or receiving an email or there is a ‘Login Failed Please check Your IMAP setting Again' error, it means there are incorrect email server settings, and the above solution will help solve it.
When the problem persists, you can then contact Roadrunner technical support.

Roadrunner Common Challenges:

  1. IMAP and POP problems.
  2. Difficulty in blocking unwanted email addresses.
  3. Challenges in receiving emails and attachments.
  4. Composing and reading emails problem.
  5. Installation and restoration of e-mail backup before Up-gradation to Desired Versions.

Apart from the above common issues, you might forger the roadrunner email password. You can follow the steps below to solve it:

  1. Click I don’t know my email password.
  2. Enter your Email Address.
  3. Enter the two words displayed, separated by one space.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Locate the Cable Modem ID on your modem.
  6. In the text box, enter your cable MAC address, omitting the dashes.
  7. Click Submit.

Outgoing Mail Server Ports

A port is a communication endpoint in a network-connected device.
An outgoing server works through particular ports to send and receive.
The default port for an outgoing mail server is 25.
However, it is not the only port used.
Due to the ever-increasing rate of spam and malware that circulate through this port, some internet service providers may reject all the messages coming from port 25.
There might be no problem with port 25 when sending single emails, but in case you are sending emails in bulk, it is advisable to use port 587 or port 465 to avoid blocks and make your outgoing mail server work correctly.
Port 587 is most suitable for non-encrypted connections, while 465 is the right one if you connect through SSL.

Understanding Ports 25, 465

Common SMTP Ports

The SMTP transmission channel is a transfer control protocol connection established between the sender port and receiver port.

Port 25

This is the oldest port. It was published in 1982 when the University of California submitted a proposal to the internet engineering Task Force.
It established this port as the default transmission channel for internet mail.
From 1882 to date, it is used as the default port for communicating emails across the internet using simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP).
The use of port 25 has greatly reduced with time since most internet service providers block messages using port 25 connection.

Port 465

Most ESP does not accept connections on port 465.
This port was never published by the Internet Engineering Task Force as an officially accepted SMTP transmission channel but was registered as an SMTP port by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.
It was initially used for encryption and authentication over SMTP. It was introduced to send emails using a Secure Socket Layer securely.

In 1998, IANA reassigned this port number to a new service.

Port 587

In 1998, RFC was submitted to introduce a new port for internet mail communication.
This port 587 was assigned to message submission to make sure that the new policy and security requirements don't interfere with the traditional relay traffic over message relay port 25.
It is advisable to use port 587 as the default SMTP port since most mail servers support this port.

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