Is It Safe To Live Near A Cell Phone Tower - Scientific Facts

Are you living near a cell phone transmitting tower? Is it safe to live near a cell phone tower?. Have you ever thought of it before? The answer explained based on scientific data and facts. You may live near a cell tower.

Cell phone towers are communication equipment built on specific parcels of land with the intention of accommodating wireless tenants. Electric communications equipment and antennae are usually mounted on cell phone towers.

This equipment includes; transmitters, receivers, control electronics and additional power sources used for backup.

The primary aim of a cell phone tower is to facilitate the signal reception of cellular phones and other wireless communication devices like telephone, television, and radio in a cellular network.

Electromagnetic radio waves are also known as radiofrequency or RF energy is usually emitted whenever we make use of our phones to make calls.

The antenna from the nearest cell phone tower receives the emitted electromagnetic radio waves. The function of the antenna is either to transmit or receive signals from phones.

Cell towers can cover a wide area.

is it safe to live near a cell phone tower

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This range depends on the following factors are:

Cell towers are usually located in areas with high population density in order to avoid saturation of available capacity as a result, avoiding busy signals and unhappy customers.

Cell phones are designed to locate the nearest cell tower.

The user sees this in the form of signal strength which represents the connectivity strength between the user’s location and the nearest tower providing the service.

There are places where we often see a lot of cell towers.

The range of a cell tower in which mobile devices connects reliably to it is not a fixed figure and it may depend on some of these factors.

There are times when our mobile phones do not have a signal.

It can be because we’re too far from a tower, or the cell phone signals in our location are decreased by thick building walls, hills, or other structures.

The signals from a cell tower do not need a clear line of sight but a greater radio interference will eliminate reception. Also, when a lot of people try to use a cell tower at the same time such as during events, or in a traffic jam, there’s a tendency for the signal to be blocked.

are cell phone towers dangerous

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We shouldn’t let this ingenious design fool us.

There is a danger behind the mask of these awesome designs.

Cell phone companies blend in with society while blasting our homes with toxic electromagnetic radiation.

Cell phone towers did not issue our environment back in the days when they were few and far between.

They were only seen in obscure locations and hilltops. They have drastically increased over the years.

A safe distance from a mobile phone tower

It is not healthy to live near a phone tower. There is a serious health risk attributed to living near the cell phone tower.

World health organization and International agency for research on Cancer declared radiofrequency radiation from cell tower to be cancer-causing in May 2011.

Read this article for more info.

Radiofrequency radiation is associated with the same level of carcinogenicity as Lead, Sulphur fumes and vehicle exhaust.

Mobile antennas radiate different frequency.

An antenna could be radiating at 800 MHz whereas another could be radiating at 2300MHz. Nevertheless, as a rule, the higher the radiating frequency, the higher will be the radiated energy.

In terms of radiation, an 800MHz antenna radiates lesser energy as compared to 2300MHz antenna.

It is worthy of note that when radiation power from mobile tower antennas fall, there is a consequent increase in radiation levels from mobile phones and cell phones.

When the phone is radiating at a high frequency, the absorption of radiation by the brain is multiple times higher than that of radiation absorbed from mobile phone tower emission.

Radiation from a mobile phone tower can be mitigated by avoiding the line of sight or shielding procedures.

We have known of instances where high proximity to cell tower have led to cases of cancer.

In conclusion, several factors affect mobile radiation intensity.

There is no objective answer to the safe distance from a mobile phone radiation intensity.

When in 150-metre radii of its electromagnetic field, you could be under risk. If the tower is 300 metres or more distant, it could lead to weak coverage and signal drops.

Cell phone tower and residential area

Phone towers may be free-standing towers or mounted on existing structures, such as trees, water tanks, or tall buildings.

The cell phone tower needs to be high to an appreciative height to adequately cover the area.

It is essential to know that exposure to electromagnetic waves of a cell tower can cause severe headache and insomnia.

Through radiofrequency (RF) waves, cell phones communicate with nearby cell towers.

A radiofrequency wave is a form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum between FM radio waves and microwaves.

Electromagnetic Radiation over a long period of time changes DNA and cell structure.

There are small side effects like headache, insomnia and a lot more are very common symptoms. Researchers in Germany and Israel reveal in two separate studies that living close to a cell phone tower or antenna could put your health in danger.

Cell phone tower and cancer

A research was conducted to assess the danger of mobile phone radiation by doctors in Germany.

The proportion of cancer cases was three times higher among those who had lived during the past ten years within 400m (about 1300 feet) of the cellular transmitter site, compared to those living further away.

Data was gathered from many patients who had been residing at the same address during the entire observation period of 10 years.

The patients basically suffered from cancers of the prostate, pancreas, bowel, skin melanoma, lung and blood cancer.

Living near a cell phone tower is therefore dangerous because of electromagnetic waves emitted by the transmitters.

What to know if you live near a cell phone transmitter

There are some things you can do to help reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The primary means of intervention is through avoidance or minimizing exposure. For a cell phone tower close to your home, this could mean using a radiofrequency shield paint, shielding fabric, shielding glass or film for windows.

These measures are a life-saver for people who suffer from electrosensitivity.

Another means of intervention is to minimize the effects of exposure.

This includes the use of technology employing subtle energy physics and principles that help reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

These devices include pendants, chips and others designed to strengthen the biofield of the individual.

Electromagnetic radiation causes the cells to eventually shut down and result in a build-up of toxins and waste products within the cells, including free radicals known to result in cellular dysfunction and interference with DNA repair.

A scientifically bioenergetic device helps in restoring and maintaining intercellular communications and normal cellular function.

Helping to reverse damage caused by exposure is the third means of intervention. This includes nutritional support such as anti-oxidant supplementation, particularly helpful in countering the effects of free radicals.

How do communication towers kill birds?

Cell phone tower plays a vital role in butchering countless birds every year.

Whenever birds collide with cell phone towers, they usually die.

Birds normally move around at night. The nocturnal ability of birds become puzzled whenever they come across the lighted cell phone tower.

They become unwilling to go away from the lighted area and as a result crashing against the wires, or with the tower, or even with each other. The electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers is so strong that it affects the biological systems of birds.

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