Introducing The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G slide

As the current leader in the Android market, HT C has just released its latest Android phone for the T-Mobile network. MyTouch 3 G Slide is a new and improved version of the T-Mobile’s previous phone, the original my Touch. The new my Touch 3 G Slide features a slide-out keyboard (where the phone gets part of its name from), a 600 MHz processor, and the 2.1 Android operating system. Beyond that, HT C has also provided several extra features to give this Android phone ahead of the pack of other Android smartphones.

MyTouch 3 G Slide and myTouch 3 G Slide accessories appeared on the market in June to compete with the multitude of Android phones currently flooding the market from other providers. While it doesn’t have a high power processor and processing speed as its competitors, My Touch 3 G Slide does have a very effective voice to text command system known as Genius. It also boasts a My Modes feature which allows users to customize the overall look and feel of the OS, based on their preferences or the location. The Faves feature allows the user to keep track of up to 20 friends through social connections such as Twitter and Facebook.

As an entry-level Android phone, the myTouch 3 G Slider is hard to beat. The keyboard makes it an easy choice for those new to touchscreen phones. The voice recognition is excellent, providing more convenience and more portability. The phone’s slightly larger 3.4″ screen is large enough for pleasant viewing, yet comfortable in the hand, which isn’t bulky as many other competing smartphones. Even more important for an entry-level phone, call quality is excellent on the myTouch 3 G Slide. Though phone calls seem to be the least of what Android phones are used for, they are still the primary function for those just getting into their first smartphone.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Unboxing

The phone itself is reasonably priced, currently running at around $180 after a $50 mail-in rebate. There are also some added accessories that should be considered for those new to smartphones as well. One of the main concerns for any smartphone is battery life. While My Touch 3 G Slide has excellent battery life for a smartphone, a car charger is a must for making full use of the navigation and voice search features. Also necessary for any touchscreen phone, items such as My Touch 3 G Slide case and my Touch 3 G Slide screen protector are very important buys for protecting the user’s investment.

Though MyTouch 3 G Slide is not on first blush a bold step for T-Mobile, it does help them to stay in the mix of the ever-expanding Android market. While some technology junkies may be unimpressed with the 600 MHz processing of this latest Android device, most customers would be satisfied with the overall functionality and the intuitive menus that this phone offers. The design may not win awards in originality, but the first MyTouch was a very popular phone with few complaints about its look and feel. The My Touch 3 G Slider should entice far more supporters than detractors for T-Mobile.

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