A Closer Look At The Motorola Defy

The new Motorola Android phone, the Motorola Defy

The new Motorola Android phone, the Motorola Defy, looks to be one of the bigger, more anticipated phone releases. The Defy is an incredibly well-built phone and is very sturdy. Although doesn’t have the nicest specs of all the Android phones, it is a reasonable middle-of-the-line Android phone which has a nice screen and a decent processor. The phone has already been announced in Europe, but it was recently announced in the US.

So the two questions remain: when will the phone come out, and how much will it cost? According to T-Mobile’s Twitter account, the Defy will come out on T-Mobile on November 3rd and cost only $99.99.

This is a great deal. Although this is going to be one of the cheapest Android phones coming out, it will still have some pretty awesome features available. Because of the release time, it should be in a good position to compete with some of the new Windows Phone 7 phones which were recently announced.

Motorola Defy full specifications available here.

The Defy is a great phone. It is 3.7? The VGA touch screen is made from Gorilla Glass, so it should be strong enough to withstand some pretty major impacts without damage.

One of the problems with many smartphones is their large glass screens which are easily breakable.

The screen on the Defy won’t scratch or break very easily. Also, the tight case on the Defy is water-resistant and dustproof, so the phone stays safe regardless of where it is dropped.

The Defy will ship running Android 2.1 (the next-to-latest version), with Motorola’s Blur interface running on top of that. The phone supports Adobe Flash Lite, which will make a large amount of online content accessible on the phone. It has a 5 MP camera on the back which takes decent photos. When in regards to hardware, the Defy is a fairly standard Android phone, while supporting normal features such as GPS, Bluetooth, and other assorted features.

If you’re planning on getting the Defy when it comes out, you’ll want to consider getting Motorola Defy accessories. Having extra Motorola Defy batteries is a great way to keep the Defy running when you have to go on long trips.

A Motorola Defy case is still a great idea, despite the ruggedness of the phone. Having a case can make it easier to carry around by attaching it to a belt or purse, and it never hurts to have extra protection.

The Motorola Defy is a great Android phone, and it will most likely be a very popular phone. With its incredibly low price, it will make Android more accessible to consumers who don’t want to pay several hundred dollars for a smartphone. Also, it should last for quite a while because of its rugged design. It’s definitely reasonable to expect the Motorola Defy to be a popular phone when it comes out on November 3rd.

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